June 29, 2012


As we get ready to start another weekend, I thought I would share a little about last weekend before this weekend becomes last weekend. Pretty profound for a Friday... yep.

Last weekend we spent a lot of time outside, which was wonderful. We spent two afternoons at Comfest - a big Community Festival in the park which started in 1972 and involves: multiple stages set up with local bands, lots of food vendors, artists selling their wares, and beer. Beer in giant bright plastic mugs. 

On Sunday our good friend, Megan, had a cook-out. It was a wonderful way to end the weekend. There isn't much I enjoy doing more than sitting outside, sharing good food, and having meaningful conversations with friends. I hope the summer is filled with many more evenings like this one. Don't you think cook-outs are just the essence of summer?

I made those 3-ingredient cookies that I blogged about 
here {they are so easy and so good}, and a corn salad I had for the first time a few weeks ago at my cousin's high school graduation party. Also so good! There aren't many pictures of that because the Mr. had retired to the living room.

Megan's son, Mason, is so cute and is full of so much personality. Ah... those faces he makes. The Mr. was saying on the way home that he could have just sat and watched him all night. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. It's going to be a hot one here - high 90's - Eek! The Mr. and I were originally thinking of spending a day hiking, and breaking in our wedding gifted picnic basket, but I believe we might need to re-think that one.

And... drumroll... It's a very special lady's birthday today -
Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother-in-law, Margie!!! 
I love you, and I am oh-so lucky to call you my m-i-l. The luckiest.

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  1. I love that little face!!! He is just too cute!
    The salad and cookies look yummy! nice job.
    Happy Birthday Margie!!!