March 20, 2012


Style Muse #3 is lovely lady - Marni Sabin.  Marni and I met and became fast friends 9 years ago when we were both calling Chicago home.  She is an Ohio girl who transferred to Chicago with her job and now resides in Fort Greene {Brooklyn}, NY with her boyfriend - James {fellow fashion lover}. Marni is an Executive Editor at McGraw-Hill, a gymnastics coach for Sokol, a music lover, a fashionista, and a wonderful person + friend. Among her many talents, Marni is a bit of professional shopper... let's call her the Queen of discount shopping. In her own words, "There's certainly a discount story here, as the only things I paid full price for are the necklace and the lipstick! The shoes and jeans were on sale... the bag, ring, and jacket are from sample sales... and the tunic from Century 21."

One of the things I have always admired about Marni is her personal style.  I love that she has always worn what she wanted to wear with no fear.  She is the girl at the party in a sparkly dress when everyone else has on jeans... the one at the concert with the black sequin beret.  I love that despite our individual style being quite different, we both appreciate the other's fashion.  She is the lady who always gets my "these shoes or those shoes?" emails {along with my Mom}, and always takes the time to answer thoughtfully without judgement over my picky nature and indecisiveness.  Over the years our style has begun to overlap a bit more than it used to back in the day, but she still rocks that Brooklyn Bridge two finger ring like I never could.  And I love her for it. 

Thank you, Marni, for being a Style Muse!

{photo taken by M's friend, Eryc / his blog here} 


  1. Marni- the perfect style muse!!!!! Looking great Marni, miss you!

  2. Miss you too, and thanks! xoxo, Molly Sue! :)

  3. Martha3/20/2012

    You know how much I love those pants, Marni! And Molly, I love your description of Marni here. It's perfect!