December 12, 2011


This Monday I decided to morph Weekly Wishlist into a gift guide of sorts.  With the holiday just around the corner, I just didn't feel right posting items from my wishlist {last Monday here}! Today I'm sharing my thoughts for the man in your life,  and I'm excited to share ideas for the mrs. tomorrow!

The husband and I played a little catch up with our Christmas shopping this weekend. We also watched "My Idiot Brother" {which I recommend}, had dinner at one of our favorite places {Club 185} with our friends C and E {C photographed our wedding},  AND had brunch with our friends C and A {where I hardly made a dent in three of the largest pancakes I've ever seen}. It was so nice to catch up with dear friends. I've been such a hermit lately, so I needed it!

1. because he likes to learn about new things, book $32.95 / 2. for the music lover, Black Keys 11.99 / 
3. because he likes to take pictures, Diana camera $65 / 4. for my mr. to walk @ campus, boots $130 / 
5. for the trendy techie, Pendleton iPad case, $65 / 6. so he's not late for dinner, watch $130 /
7. my mr's suggestion, dresser valet {I found his at T.J.Maxx... glad to know he likes it!} 

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