December 14, 2011


A lovely Friday off work spent with the Mr.
It started with a trip to Buckeye Donuts... 
Husband's choice on the left + mine on the right.

A cold walk later found us at Urban Outfitters to look for Bucky the cardboard deer.
We had to order him online. I also talked about him here + here... because I really like him.
He's on sale right now for $39*
Below are a few items I added to my mental wishlist at UO.
Hat + Sweater + Fringe bag.

Time for lunch!
Second time for me, but first for the Mr. = Jury Room! 
Owned by the same woman who owns some of our other fav places.
For me, a caramelized onion & grilled provolone cheese with brandy au jus dipping sauce.
French onion soup made into a sandwich! *Yummy*

A trip to the Green Lawn Cemetary followed.
Not sure how we didn't know this place existed because it was so interesting {started in1848}
The creepy moment occurred the ONE time I ventured out of the car to take a picture.
The Mr. pointed it out when I was back in the car...
the tombstone I had just snapped a pic of had our last name on it.
*heebie jeebies*

The amazing, brought-tears-to-my-eyes moment happened when we spotted a buck + doe.
We stalked them for at least 15 minutes.
Slowing driving around and following them while we took loads of photos.
So beautiful.

The Mr. and I are buying a nice camera for Christmas instead of exchanging gifts!
Our iPhones are great, but sometimes you just need something better.
This was one of those times.

It just dawned on me that we went to Urban Outfitters to buy Bucky the deer,
and then we saw real deer that very day....
Coincidence you say? I think not.

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