December 24, 2011


Today I have to work, but only until 2pm...then I make the 1 hour and 30 minute-ish drive to my home-town; Straight to church for me! I hope my family saves me a seat. Hey husband, save me a seat.

This sunny Christmas Eve morning I am especially glad for the following:

{an antique ornament chandalier at our favorite antique shop}

{brown paper packages tied up with string. all loaded in my car}

 {this creamer my mom told me about that I found on clearance at Target. 
It's 35 calories per tablespoon and I probably added 5 tablespoons to my coffee this morning... oops}

 {our precious kitty, bailey, who I teared up *petting good-bye to this morning. 
yes, I did and I'm not embarrassed.}

 {annual Christmas gathering with the girls last night. yummy food...}

{...good wine, and the best company ever. I love you, girls}

*petting good-bye is sort of like hugging good-bye. you can't really hug a cat.

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