February 11, 2013


I am beyond excited to share today's L+R Style Muse, Justina Blakeney.  I first found Justina when her beautiful wedding was published in Martha Stuart Weddings.  I was captivated by the bohemian style and DIY details.  Since then, I have followed Justina's fabulous blog - which was recently named one of the Best Home Decor Blogs by Refinery 29.  Justina affectionately calls her home (shared with her husband - Jason, and baby girl - Ida Sky) their Jungalow.  And you should most definitely take the time to click here  and here to check it out. 

Justina Blakeney is a creative force to be reckoned with.  She doesn't follow trends, and her uniqueness is refreshing.  She just does her thing, and does it oh-so well.  It's a quality I admire most in people, and I find her completely inspiring.  I love this recent post where she writes about clothing for curvy women (using photos from the shoot she did for L+R!).  

Thank you, Justina, for being a L+R Style Muse!  

<<< Q+A below >>>

L+R:  Who are YOUR style muses?
J:  Peggy Moffitt, Iris Apfel, Frida Kahlo

L+R:  Where are your favorite places to shop in LA?
J:  Flea Markets, Squaresville, New High Mart, Tavin

L+R:  Your favorite  fashion find (s)?
J:  Oh gosh too many to name--have a look at my Get in my Closet Pinterest Board!

L+R:  You're a designer, consultant, interior stylist, and you've written 4 books!  
Tell us a little about your career path and journey.
J:  I began my career simply by doing the things that love. The more I designed--the better I got at it. I volunteered, interned, worked for trade and got involved with anything that sounded fun and/or interesting to learn as much as possible about art and design. As far as formal education, I got my Bachelor of Arts degree at UCLA in World Arts and Cultures and I minored in Italian. I then got a post graduate degree in fashion design from Polimoda on Florence, Italy, but ultimately I feel that travel, and collaborations with people that I admire have provided the best education.

L+R:  You lived in Italy for 7 years. What took you there, and what brought you back to California?
J:  I grew up in Berkeley, CA and moved down to LA to go to UCLA when I was 18. I fell in love with this city--so warm, so vast, and so many cultural enclaves throughout.  I made a ton of friends that are still my friends today. My junior year at UCLA I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. I studied communications and became enamoured with Italian language and culture. When I came back to the US after my junior year I decided to return to Italy after graduation. When I went back my sister Faith came with me and we did our post-graduate work at Polimoda. The following year we launched a boutique and a design collective.  I had the opportunity to work with some amazing Italian designers and learn so much from them. Something about being a foreigner and always being just a little bit outside of my comfort zone forced me to observe, observe and observe more-- so I learned a ton. I came back when I fell in love with my now husband, Jason--a California boy. 

L+R:  What does a typical day look like for you? and how has this changed since you've gotten married, and had Ida Sky?
J:  As a full-time consultant, each day is drastically different. My main job is a creative consultant. I help people and businesses with creative concepting and design. This can mean one day I'm doing home decor and interior styling and the next day I'm art-directing a photoshoot. My 'gigs' are kinda all over the map and I like it that way. Since I had Ida and got married, I work more from the computer and phone. I do less graphic design and more styling because styling projects have a set start and finish time where as graphic design projects can go on and on and that's hard with a baby. 

L+R:  How would you describe your personal style?  and how does that reflect on your interior design work?
J:  My personal style is Jungalow and Globoh (global/bohemian) -- that goes for everything in my life. My personal style does not change from fashion to home to food--or whatever--my tastes are pretty consistent. I like it wild. 

L+R:  What inspires you or influences you the most creatively? 
J:  TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL--and that could mean to another continent or to the corner store. Being outside of your comfort zone--hearing, feeling, tasting, seeing and smelling new things and people.  

L+R:  Ok, last one just for fun :) Three beauty products you can't live without?
J:  Josie Maran Argan oil, Mixed Chicks Leave-in-Conditioner, Funny Face Lipstick by Nars

(These fabulous photos were taken by Justina's husband, Jason Rosencrantz.)


  1. Just checked out the Jungalow pics and the wedding pics...amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you checked it out! Thanks for the comment! :)