January 7, 2013


I'm happy to welcome Keith Jenkins to the blog today.  I was first introduced to Keith & his beautiful wife, Wendy, through a mutual friend (Marni) way back when I lived in Chicago.  If memory serves me right, we were watching Pete Yorn at Taste of Chicago - a giant food festival where you can eat until you're sick, and then sprawl on the lawn and watch live music.  Anyway... when I decided I was moving to Columbus, Marni encouraged us to get together.  Since then, the Mr. and I have enjoyed getting to know Keith & Wendy via music festivals, parties, Clippers games, and more.

I'm not sure why it took so long for me to ask Keith to do a playlist for you, because he is quite the music man!  Over the years, we have enjoyed watching Keith's band - The Moving Parts - play on numerous occasions.  And the Mr. and Keith have even started working on some original songs together.

Thanks, Keith!  You can also click here to listen to his playlist in Spotify.

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