January 28, 2013


(image sources: one | two | three | four | five)

I love hats.  I usually gravitate towards wide brim, a bit western inspired (like this), or knit stocking caps.  But right now I am loving that baseball hats are having a fashion moment.  They're unexpected and a bit playful... like wearing a cotton tee with a sequin skirt, or layering on rhinestone necklaces with jeans.

In the images above - I love the burgundy leather hat in the second image, but I think I'd wear one like the fifth image much more often.  

So, what do you think?  Are you on board like me?  If so, here are a few options! Personally, I want a gray wool or something simple like number one from Madewell.

(one. Madewell - $22 // two. Sears - $12 // three. Rag & Bone - $125
four. Pendleton - $39 on sale // five. Archival - $40 // six. Asos - $26)

(I adore this leather brim hat via Free People, but at $263 I'm going to have to keep on dreamin'.)

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  1. Love baseball caps and like the one in pic 5 the best.