November 21, 2012


Happy Day Before Thanksgiving, friends!  I was away from home all day, so I apologize for the evening post.  I know you missed me this morning {*wink wink}.

My Thanksgiving outfit is always quite strategic...  Comfy and loose so I can fit all of that delicious food, and lightweight because it gets hot in the kitchen!  I also try to wear my not-super-low-rise jeans because... well, my family does not need to see my undergarments when I sit.  Last, but not least I wear low comfy boots.  Boots and not flats, because I want to be able to take my shoes off and not be barefoot {so I also have to make sure I wear my good socks!}.

Below are a few lightweight sweaters, a blouse, and a couple of dresses I wouldn't mind wearing tomorrow...

Another fabulous option are leggings!  I would wear them with a dress / tunic something like the two below, and the same boots as above!  Comfy, cute, and a stretchy waist band.  Just what you need Thanksgiving Day.

dresses: one // two


  1. love #3 sweatshirt and i need those jeans. happy thanksgiving, mol!

    1. Thanks for the comment!! I need those jeans, too! Happy Thanksgiving, Amber! :)