November 5, 2012


1. The Whigs // Staying Alive
2. The Naked and Famous // Young Blood
3. Ryan Adams // Luminol
4. The Heavy // Curse Me Good
5. Mutemath // Blood Pressure
6. Band of Horses // Laredo
7. Mark Lanegan Band // Riot In My House
8. Matt & Kim // Cameras
9. Portugal. The Man // People Say
10. Wye Oak // For Prayer

The Mrs. spends a lot of time working on this blog.  In my opinion, too much time.  I know how that sounds, but what I'm saying is that I find myself telling her, "It looks great.  STOP.  It's ready to publish!"  She gets hung up in the details trying to make things perfect each day, and my only wish is that she would allow herself to be satisfied sometimes and not stress about all those pesky little things.

In that very spirit, I decided I would give myself a five minute limit in putting together my 10-song playlist for Music Monday.  I could easily get lost in a Spotify wormhole, much like Molly and her blogging, if I set out to create the playlist of playlists.  Instead, I'm setting an example here.  Pay attention, honey.

Here are 10 good songs.  As much as I want to tell you all about why I chose them, I won't.  

Listen and enjoy...  Music Monday with the Mr.   
It's a long way til Friday!

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