November 13, 2012


I'm excited to be involved in a new magazine called Broadway + Thresher.  I will be helping with all things fashion.  The blog has launched, and that is where you will find me blogging today.  Below is sneak peak at that post, about opulent details this fall.  

Have I peaked your interest.  Well, I can't summarize Broadway + Thresher better than the Editors-in-Chief themselves...

"While there are countless lifestyle magazines on the news stand today, none have taken the time to explore the rich diversity of our rural areas, and the influence urban migration has had on them. Family artisans, practicing the craft of their forefathers, can now communicate with countless folks and source new, exciting materials from around the world. As their perspective grows, so to do their products and their talents. 
Broadway+Thresher will focus on individuals, couples, and families expressing their identity as artists, trendsetters and innovators living boldly and without compromise in non-urban settings, bringing the diversity and dynamism that has been traditionally the province of the city to rural America and beyond. Not only will Broadway+Thresher focus on the rural lifestyle, but also the cutting edge of architecture, art, food and artisanal manufacturing and the untold stories of the people who have made it possible. The magazine will highlight both people and product, but will never lose sight of the aesthetics and artistry that are central to the articulation of the sophisticated rural perspective."

You can click here to "like" their facebook page and make sure you're kept up to date on all the happenings {and while your at it - you can "like" my page, too}.

And you should definitely click here to head on over to the blog!

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