October 9, 2012


I have this thing about not even looking at things I can't afford.  I'm not one of those people who like to window shop... or visit the designer boutiques just to see what they have.  I see it like this - Why would I want to fall in love with things I can't afford?  This little rule of mine goes as far as Pinterest and here on Lovely + Rust.  I rarely "pin" things I can't afford, and I rarely blog about them either.  BUT, every once in awhile I come across something on Pinterest that I just can't resist pinning because I love it that much.  You have to break your own rules sometimes, right?  And that is what these posts are for...  a place for me to put together some of those dream items into fantasy outfits.  

I think if I actually wore the above outfit I would end up taking off the hat, but it's a fantasy outfit so the hat stays.  I tend to follow that rule of less is more... get dressed and then take one item off.  I don't like feeling too matchy-matchy or looking like I tried too hard.  No, I just woke up and threw this on.  Right?  Yep - I just threw on these leather pants. 

If you watch Glee like I do, you might recognize the below necklace from the last episode - worn by Sarah Jessica Parker.  Yes, I loved it so much I googled it.  Is that a problem?

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  1. oh, I love both outfits!!!! I can see why you are fantasizing!