October 11, 2012


Once upon a time, my sister was trying to help me think of a unique Halloween costume {I've had some doosies} and she suggested being a "happy camper".  She said to wear flannel and boots, carry a knapsack, and make a big smiley face on a stick to hold in front of my face.  Pretty good, huh?  You can steal it.  So... when I saw the below "happy camper" tee on Pinterest, I got really excited.  It's just something our family has always said.  In my family, if you're in a bad mood - you're "not a happy camper".  

The brand of the tee?  Camp Brand.  I'm obsessed!  I'm really coveting one of the buffalo tees, too.   Don't they just look so soft and comfy?  A lot of them are currently sold out, but a little birdie {ok, they told me} they'll be restocking at the end of October.

{above image by Amy Merrick}

Camp Brand has items for him, too!

Looking at their website just made me want to go camping - right now.  Do you guys like to camp?  I remember going a few times when I was little, and definitely remember chickening out and sleeping in the car at least once.  The Mr. and I have stayed in a little cabin at Hocking Hills a few times, but I'm ready to give honest-to-goodness camping another shot.  Fall camping... yes, please.

{all images, unless otherwise credited, via Pinterest. 
On each photo, I tried to get back to the original source, but just kept finding more tumblr pages. 
The one bad thing about Pinterest - I so wish I could give proper credit.}


  1. Love the Happy Camper sweatshirt and the orange buffalo one.

  2. So so cute. I wish the buffalo tee wasn't sold out.. booo.

    1. Ashlee, I know!!! Me too! Check back with them at the end of the month :) Thanks for the comment. Hope you stop back to visit!