June 12, 2012


Over the last few weeks I've seen a few fabulous Father's Day gift guides, but I have to admit... not gifts relevant to my father. These guides have given me great ideas for the Mr... wood iPhone cases, cool sunglasses, and lux products. Maybe it's an age thing... maybe a younger gal with a younger Dad would find those guides helpful, but my Dad barely knows how to use his flip phone. So, I wanted to do a guide for those gals with dads a bit older {mine is in his mid 60's} and a bit more "old-school". 

1. A baseball hat - to cover that possibly balding head. This is always a safe bet for my Dad. Over the years I've purchased the following: multiple OU hats when I was in college, a Cubs hat when I lived in Chicago, a "Jackson Hole fly fishing" hat when the Mr and I were there for a wedding, and many many more. / 2. Cologne - this specific one is DSquared2 He Wood, and it is one of my favs. / 3. Books - my Dad is interested in WWII history, but he would love this one on the Alamo because he is from Texas. / 4. A new wallet - because you know he's had his current one for 30 years. This one is from Fossil. / 5. A zippered hoodie or tee from his college alumni or favorite team. This Ohio University hoodie would be a gift from my alma mater / 6. A classic watch - this leather band Timex would go anywhere and it's affordable. / 7. Tennis shoes - to replace those bad white Dad tennis shoes he might have. These Vans are cool, but not so cool that it will look like he's trying too hard. / 8. A flask - the Mr and I got my Dad a flask for all of those fly fishing trips. And you could get it engraved. / 9. Microbrewed beer of the month club. They have multiple level plans to choose from. / 10. Leatherman tool - this one is my Mr's suggestion, and I have to say it is a good one.

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  1. I've got to hand it to you Molly, these are all things any dad would like.