June 17, 2012


My Dad taught me...

to always carry a bear stick when walking in the woods
to have my own opinions
to appreciate history
to have an imagination
to stand up for myself
to have a good work ethic...

how to draw
how to play softball
how to build a snow fort
how to flip people off - the Texas way...

that it is ok for men to cry
that you can be a strong person with a soft heart
that life is like a bowl of cherries {huh?}
that fly fishing is the only kind of fishing
that you do not have to be a product of your circumstances
that they don't make music like they used to {although he likes the Black Keys}...

Happy Father's Day, Paul Richard Parrish.
We love you.
You are one cool dude.
The coolest.

{an extra special thank you to my Mom, for taking photos of these photos and sending them to me}


  1. Ok dad says "iv'e got tears in my eyes are you done now"? He loved it and when he got to the last picture he was speechless!!!! Very proud dad of both his girls and laughs that he really was a "cool dude" and made chuck taylor's famous! hahaha

  2. This is awesome, Molly!