May 15, 2012


Meet today's style muse - pretty lady, Lily Schlosser. Lily is originally from Denver, but came to Ohio for college at Denison... and lucky for us - she stayed! Lily is the studio and fashion manager at Lauryn Byrdy Photography {which is right next to the boutique I manage}. Not only are we neighbors at work, but we also live down the street from one another. She is the queen of cool t-shirts, a total sweetheart, and has an adorable blog called Lucky StarLucky Star is a personal style blog, as well as the styling and web design portfolio for Lily. The title was derived from her initials and "her passion for seeking out beauty and positivity in everyday life"... words I took from her about page, and words that are oh-so true of Lily Schlosser. LS used to work at the boutique with me, and I'm so glad her career move did not take her far away. It's so nice to still see her smiling face and soak up her positive spirit!

Thank you, Lily, for being a l+r style muse!

And speaking of Lauryn Byrdy Photography, below is a picture of the team at the opening of Lauryn's newest venture, The Nest {nestled between her studio and the boutique where I work}. The grand opening was such a success and I was so happy to be there.

Lauryn has more energy and drive than practically any gal I know. I am endlessly impressed by how much she has accomplished at her age! It makes an older gal {that would be moi} feel like I need to get my booty in gear! Seriously inspiring. I had the pleasure of taking a photography class at her studio a few weeks ago, and it sparked my creative spirit in a way nothing has in awhile. 

What a beautiful bunch of creative and uplifting women!

{left to right}

Amber Lucci - Calvin Klein green dress / Levity orange heels
today's style muse - Lily Schlosser
Lauryn Byrdy - polka dot dress from Thread / Jessica Simpson hot-pink suede pumps
Melissa Wine - H&M dress / nude pumps via DSW

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