April 2, 2012


{something yet to come: my interview with the stylist behind the photo of the model with the horse print blouse - 
the blouse is Sarah Phillips fall 2011, and I am obsessed.}

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours started with a Friday night date - dinner at a new place. We also attended a mustache party {pics to share later}, checked out a cool new store in our area, did a little shopping for the Mr., and had lunch at a little diner close by {which we loved}. Sunday morning we hopped out of bed and went to one of our favorite breakfast spots {the German Village Coffee House}, followed by a very productive day of spring cleaning, laundry, and me swapping out my closet for spring/summer. 
The Mr. also spent some time working on the blog logo! It's coming along... what do you think?

I'm not quite ready for the week to start. Last night was a bit of a sleepless night... too much on my mind. I'm hoping a little {a lot} of coffee will get me through the day. I hope yours is wonderful.


  1. So cool about the horse blouse and now you've found it in our shop! *hearts*

    xoxo | Rodellee from Adored Vintage