April 9, 2012


Happy Belated Easter, friends!
This weekend I was glad for the following...

...macarons from Pistacia Vera  {the pistacio flavor is my favorite!} 


...the Mr. bringing me a coffee, and surprising me with this bottle of wine {my husband = comedian}


...this article about two baby owls found via Miss Moss


...tulips purchased Easter morning {tulips are just such a happy flower!}


...these chocolates from my Grandma {I love it when there is chococalte "map" in the box!}


...this claddagh bracelet from my sister - all the way from Ireland


...hosting Easter at our home for the first time as a married couple. 

We made quite the team Sunday morning... 
the Mr. cooking up a storm {even making his own North Carolina BBQ for the pork}, 
and me running around straightening up our apartment, setting the table, and making a last minute trip for flowers {plus I decided we need Easter candy}.
The food was delicious {thank you, love!} and the day was wonderful. 
We got to hear about my sister's trip to Ireland, and it was so special to have my Grandmother here.

I hope yours was just as good.


  1. Tulips are such happy flowers. I say every year that I'm going to keep fresh flowers in my house all summer. Maybe this will be the inspiration I need to actually do that.

  2. @kate, I hope it will be! I always say the same thing :)