February 9, 2012


This weekend I am taking a trip with the girls to Nashville. None of us have ever been there, so we have been doing our share of research on cool places to go... eat, shop, watch live music. We could go for a week and not make it to all of the places we each have on our "musts" list, and since we're only going for a long weekend I know it will be packed full. Hopefully it will include some of the below places on my personal "musts" list.

Since I'm hitting the road today after work, I have a very special guest blogger who will be doing a Friday post for me {and maybe a second if we're lucky}!


Hatch Show Print, Imogene + Willie, Grand Ole Opry, Grimey'sPrince's Hot Chicken Shack, Billy Reid, UAL, Pancake Pantry

Most of the images and suggestions above came from Bon Appetit's lovely article on Nashville {read more here}. I also came across this food guide by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys {also via Bon Appeti}, and since the Black Keys are just about my favorite ever I had to include the video.

This is my first trip without the husband since we got married! I'm having a little separation anxiety and I haven't even left yet! Pathetic? I don't care. Husband, I love you. Don't miss me too much {you better miss me lots}!

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  1. Maybe Mr Auerbach or a Followill will happen to be at a bar we go to...