February 28, 2012


You know when a new trend comes around and you think, "Oh no. I am not jumping on that bandwagon"... and then slowly but surely you're on the wagon?  You all know what I mean, right? Well, mint green crept up on me this season. just. like. that.  Thus far the only mint green item I own is the below Essie nail polish; however, I plan on remedying that soon.  Just one piece of mint green clothing will do... maybe a budget friendly version of the blouse below. Just a little something to freshen up my spring wardrobe.  Spring fever is in full force at the Martin household.

{one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine}

...and all of this talk of mint just makes me crave my favorite ice cream. UDF has the best mint chocolate chip ice cream I have found in Columbus.


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  2. Thanks for making me want another Shamrock Shake! ;)