February 23, 2012


Today my family will gather to celebrate the life {and mourn the loss} of our wonderful, Aunt Elsie.  Shortly after Christmas we were lucky enough to all be with her one last time to celebrate her 100th birthday. This morning for my blog, I considered sharing a bit about her life, and my many wonderful memories of her... but I think I need to hold those close today and keep them personal. And to be honest, there is just too much to say.

My Great-Aunt Elsie never married or had children of her own, but had the fullest of lives. She was so much to so many. She was smart, sincere, funny, genuine, and kind. A true gentlewoman with a smile for everyone.

In the photo below - three sisters... Aunt Elsie is pretty in blue as the maid of honor; my Grandma, Bea {on the right}, and my other great-aunt, Ellie {on the left}, at their double wedding.

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