January 17, 2012


The Mr. and I had such a wonderful time in New York {and I promise to share bits of our adventure later this week}, but no matter how much fun I have on a trip {and we had loads} I am always happy when the wheels of the plane touch down and the flight attendant says those words, "Welcome to Columbus." 
It's silly, really. But it makes me happy that it makes me happy. What a wonderful feeling to be glad to be home. When I first moved back to Ohio {from Chicago} I was worried I might never feel that way about Columbus. So, times like last night are good for me... they remind me to be grateful. I love my little life and our little family - the Mr., Bailey, and me. And after five years, Columbus finally feels like home. And it's good to be home.

Upon our arrival last night we were greeted by a very happy cat.  
And there is nothing like your own bed.
My first day back to work brought me this sign taped to the computer. {thank you, C.}

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