December 8, 2011


Last Sunday afternoon I decided to get off my bootie and get out of the house for a bit. I went to Second Chance in Grandview. Second Chance is my favorite consignment shop. They just expanded by taking over the space next door, and turned it into the designer section. Mary, the owner, is fabulous and everyone who works there is equally as nice. I have been brutally going through my closet lately, so I had mucho dinero to pick up from selling some clothes. My goal was to find a winter coat. That didn't happen, but I did find this great vintage silk blouse. It snaps across like a wrap top, but I wore it open as a jacket. I didn't realize how much these boots have taken a beating until this picture... I think these babies need to take a trip to the shoe doctor.

Also, I was doubting my spelling of the word, "bootie" above, so I checked myself. Just so you don't doubt me...
Booty: N, pirate treasure, loot, etc.
Bootie: N, footwear for infants, women's ankle boots, slang for butt

vintage blouse: Second Chance / tee: Fluxus / jeans: Gap / boots: Dolce Vita / vintage belt / necklace: UO
All bundled up to have a quick dinner out with the Mr...
coat: Shin Choi / "texting" gloves: White + Warren / scarf: Urban Outfitters / nails: Chanel "Kaleidoscope"

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